Best Job Ever: 5 Reasons Why You Should Work at Trail’s End Camp!

At Trail’s End Camp we like to say “you’re better for having been at TEC”, and that adage doesn’t just apply to our campers! We strive to ensure our staff family is happy and thriving throughout the summer and beyond.

Now, if you’ve never been a camper or worked at a summer camp before you may be asking – Why should I work at Trail’s End? What makes the TEC Experience different from other camps?  We asked your questions to our TEC staff family who couldn’t wait to tell you why they love working at Trail’s End. Here are some of their answers!

You’ll be part of traditions that began in 1947!

Even as we prep for our 72nd camp session, we still hold on to traditions from Trail’s End’s first summers.  From Sing, to Olympics, to the creation of bunk plaques, and more – Trail’s End Camp wouldn’t be the same without these special traditions.

Trail's End Camp counselor takes part in Olympic Tug-o-war

When you enter the gates of Trail’s End, you’re immediately part of a long history. When you take part in the Opening and Closing Campfires, run the bases on College Day, or cheer for your campers as they sing on stage during the 4th of July show, you quickly see how you’re now part of the fabric of Trail’s End Camp. It’s an amazing feeling to be part of something so special!

You’ll make lifelong friends with people from all over the world!

Mycha Owens, basketball specialist, put it best when she told us about her experience coming to Trail’s End Camp for the first time:

“From the time I stepped into the Newark Airport, I knew I was about to experience the most crazy summer of my life. TEC does an amazing job at hiring employees, how do I know this? Because of the bonds I formed with other staff in the airport. From the moment I stepped off that plane, before we even got to camp, it was like we were family.”

Trail's End Camp Lifeguards

You may enter your first summer not knowing anyone, but after Staff Education Week you will have developed friendships that last a lifetime.  Just take a look at all the #TECreunions we post on social media. You’ll find pictures of TEC staff visiting each other, going on vacation together, and in some instances, even getting married! You never know who you’ll meet while working at Trail’s End Camp!

Once you start working at Trail’s End Camp, you become a part of the TEC family. James Gardin, our Rock Band Director, told us:

My favorite parts of working at TEC are getting to come back home catch up with my summer family and picking up right where we left off from the previous summer.”

You’ll make a positive impact on a group of campers!

Of course, what would working at  camp be without the campers?! As soon as your campers step off the bus, you start to build a special bond. You’ll surprise yourself when just after one week of knowing your campers you’ll be enthusiastically cheering them on as they perform in a talent show, or taking pride in the new skills you taught them at their favorite sport. There’s no feeling quite as great as knowing you’ve made an impact on a camper’s life. James Mayden, Flag Football Director, touched on this when we asked about the best part of his summer:

“My favorite part about camp is being able to give back to something bigger than myself. I was able to positively affect the kids by spreading my knowledge of football and my love for music and dancing.”

You are better for having been at TEC!

Yes, you’ll improve the life of the campers you work with, but you will experience some self improvement of your own. Working at a summer camp helps you develop vital skills that will help you throughout your life, such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. Maybe this is why more and more people are championing camp jobs over traditional summer internships, or why businesses see the benefit in hiring a former camp counselor!

You’ll have fun!

We can tell you all the ways working at a TEC will benefit you as a person and allow you to become part of a camp family that stems all the way back from 1947, but there’s one important thing we can’t forget — working at Trail’s End Camp is tons of fun!

A day at TEC can involve playing sports, dressing up in wild outfits to perform in a lip sync competition with your co-counselors, taking part in a giant food fight, doing your craziest dance moves in the dining hall, and laughing till your stomach hurts. How many other summer jobs can boast all of that?!

After all of that, we know what you’re going to ask next!

How do I join the Trail’s End Camp staff family?

If you’re interested in working with us this summer, check out our staff page on the TEC website for more information and to apply! Also check out our Staff Experience video. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at:

Better For Having Been