Dance and Drama at Trail's End Camp

The Arts at Trail's End allow campers to explore their creative side. With the support and guidance of our staff, both the athlete and the artist enjoy the opportunity to be themselves and unleash their creativity.

Drama Productions and Talent Shows: Campers can choose to be part of one of our TEC productions and/or Talent Shows. Using our "attitude over aptitude" approach, campers simply sign up for the shows they are interested in and are then placed in roles by our talented Drama staff. In addition to performing on stage, many campers choose to assist our technical crew with lighting and sound, as well as staging, costumes, scenery and set design.

Dance: Dance has become one of the most popular programs at TEC. Campers love expressing themselves through our Hip Hop and Modern Dance programs where they learn techniques, design their own routines with their friends and perform in our Talent Shows and Inter-Camp Dance Competitions.

Hip Hop Camp: Our 3-day Hip Hop Camp is a highlight of the TEC Experience. This camp is offered as a supplement to our daily program and allows campers to customize a portion of their summer. We have designed this camp so that the beginner, as well as the advanced camper can learn new skills in a fun, action-packed environment.

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