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Looking Ahead….

Sara's Photo

As the leaves start to turn and the cold weather is right around the corner, we have set our sights towards summer 2015. Here are some exciting camp events and changes we have planned for the upcoming year:

HALLOWEEN CONTEST – We are excited to announce our 2nd Annual Halloween Costume contest for campers and staff alike! Email Sara a photo of you in your costume by November 3rd to be entered in a raffle to win a Trail’s End prize pack! The lucky staff member and lucky camper will be announced via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter early November. Looking forward to seeing everyone all dressed up!

WINTER REUNION – We can’t wait to see our camp families at the Winter Reunions December 6th and 7th, It is always great hanging out and reuniting with old camp friends while getting to know our new incoming campers even better. Remember to RSVP by logging into your My TEC Account at trailsendcamp.com.

TennisTENNIS COURT RENOVATIONS – Our tennis court facility will be getting a full facelift. We will have 7 brand new tennis courts and 3 Quickstart training courts for our youngest campers. We are excited to see the courts in action come June!

BRAND NEW CRAFTS & TECHNOLOGY CENTER –  The biggest change to the 2015 program will be the expansion of Crafts & Technology.  The new center will include woodworking, ceramics, fine arts, jewelry making, textiles, cooking, video production, digital media and rock band. Keep your eyes peeled for photos throughout the winter.  We will post them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

TOWEL SERVICE – Beginning in 2015, we will be providing towel service for our campers and staff.  Towels will be delivered daily to every camper and staff for showers.  Additionally, there will be towels at the lake or pool for their use when swimming and boating.  Our towel service will result in our Lake Photocampers bringing less “stuff” to camp and will create more room in the bunks!

We are very excited for the 2015 additions and cannot wait to be back at TEC. See you all soon!

Only 35 Saturdays till opening campfire!


TEC December Bowling Parties



We love seeing photos of our TEC camp families reuniting throughout the fall, winter and spring. There is no better feeling than reconnecting and catching up with everyone.

On Saturday December 7th, we spent the afternoon with our current 6th-11th graders at Bowlmor in Melville, NY.  It was great to watch our campers spend time with their favorite staff member as well as each other.  Seeing everyone stop what they were doing, sit on the lanes together and watch the premiere of our 2013 Yearbook Video was incredible and heartwarming.  To say we all live “10 months for 2,” would be a huge understatement.

On Sunday December 8th, we spent the entire day at Syosset Lanes, hosting campers from 2nd-5th grade.  We love showcasing our staff and getting a chance to meet all of our new camp families, while reconnecting with old friends.  There is nothing as special as watching our new campers smile all day long as they make new friends and start thinking about their upcoming summer adventure. This is always one of our favorite days of the year.

Even though the holiday season is upon us, we are more excited that there are less than 200 days until we are back at TEC, as a family, at our summer home in 18405!

Keep your eyes open for this week’s mail – the video yearbooks went out today.

Camper Spotlight: A Rising Star

Sydney Kayne, Varsity 2

Since she first stepped foot at Trail’s End Camp in 2008, wearing the traditional green and white, guitar in tow, Sydney Kayne has amazed us with her singing and songwriting ability.  Now in her 2nd Year of Varsity, she has begun performing around the tri-state area, uploading YouTube videos and continually impressing all of those who choose to hit “play.” We recently asked her a few questions about summer camp and her music career thus far.

Sydney Kayne, Varsity, Trail's End CampNickname: Squidney, Squid, and Syd

Favorite Camp Activity: Arts & Crafts!

Favorite Book: The Fault in our Stars by John Green

Favorite Camp Food: The banana bread is just too good!


Favorite Evening Activity: I think my favorite evening activity is the hypnotist.

Favorite Olympic Break: My favorite Olympic break was Disney because I just loved the clues!

Favorite Quote: “We learned more in a three minute record than we ever learned in school”- Bruce Springsteen, No Surrender

Sydney Kayne, Music, Guitar

Favorite Album: I have so many, but I really love Brandi Carlile’s Bear Creek right now – every song is so awesome and that’s rare!

When Did You Start Playing Guitar: I started playing guitar when I was 6 years old.

When Did You Start Writing Music: I’ve been making my own songs since I can talk, but I think actually writing them down started when I was almost 7 when I wrote a song about my brother called “I can’t stand you.” LOL.
Since then I have been writing music non-stop
and have multiple songs that I am waiting to release.

How did you know Trail’s End was the Right Camp for You: Actually, I looked at a lot of places. Once I went on a tour of Trail’s End and I said I played guitar, everyone thought it was so cool, and that I should definitely bring my guitar. I loved the camp, as well as the people, and decided it was the right summer home for me!  I was definitely right!

Favorite Camp Memory: Sydney Kaney, Marc Honigfeld, Trail's End CampThere are so many. Last summer, one of my favorite memories was when Varsity had a rainy day. All of the Varsity girls stayed inside the lounge and sang. There was also this time when all of my First Years, now Second Years, got into a circle and all sang “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Lastly, near the end of camp, all the First Year girls circled around the fire pit by the lake and said what  camp meant to them. All those are special memories for me.

What Camp Means to Me: Camp is a place to be my best self, free of judgment. I think what I look forward to the most every summer is a chance to escape from my town, and all the drama that comes with being a 14-year-old girl.

Favorite Camp Performance: Singing as an Upper Buddy with my bunk in the camper talent show to a song I wrote called Trail’s End. We were so cute! Below are the lyrics:

I wake up in the morning and I know it’s a special day
I’m going to camp in Beach Lake, PA
As soon as we got there, we went in the pool
It wasn’t warm, it was cool
Next we played soccer, it was fun
Kicking the ball high, into the sun
Next we went to the lake
I looked at all the friends I made, and SAID
Trail’s End, Trail’s End I don’t have just one –
I have lots of friends
Trail’s End, Trail’s End, one great big summer we’ll spend-
It is raining; we don’t know what to do.
We go inside our bunk, and take off our shoes.
We turn the music really loud
Before we know it we got a whole crowd singing
It is raining; we don’t know what to do.
We go inside our bunk, and take off our shoes.
We turn the music really loud
Before we know it we got a whole crowd singing
Trail’s End, Trail’s End, I don’t have just one –
I have lots of friends
Trail’s End, Trail’s End one great big summer we’ll spend

Sydney Kane Upper Buddies Talent Show

Your camp family is proud of you Sydney and we cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

Check out Sydney’s web page at http://sydneykayne.com/home/ and her brand new YouTube video here: