TEC and SCOPE: Giving Children the Gift of Camp

What does it mean when we say “Better for Having Been”? There are so many ways spending summers at Trail’s End makes us the best version of ourselves. Anyone who walks into the gates is forever changed for the better.

At camp, children gain emotional, social and physical skills while learning from positive role models. Now, imagine a world where every child can go to camp, regardless of background.  This is exactly what SCOPE is trying to make happen.

SCOPE – Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education

SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) is a nonprofit organization that provides “camperships” for children from low income families and underserved communities.  These camperships let children who need it most experience the magic of summer camp. This past summer, 750 campers between the ages of 7-16 were able to attend camp through SCOPE.

Trail’s End Camp and SCOPE

Trail's End Camp members of the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council

Trail’s End Camp members of the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council

Trail’s End Camp has partnered with SCOPE for years. Marc was previously the president of the SCOPE board, and Sara is currently a member of the SCOPE Associate Board.  We’re proud to say we even have Trail’s End campers on the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council!

We caught up with Taylor Seid, Leadership Trainee ‘18 and member of the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council, to see what inspired her to help kids experience the magic of summer camp.

“Camp and the experiences and friends I have made there have shaped me into the person I am today and allowed me to learn and grow so much. I feel like many people in my community take for granted the experiences we get by going to camp, so I wanted to help out with SCOPE in order to give those opportunities and unforgettable experiences to kids who are less fortunate. Kids who might have not even thought about attending camp are now able to go and learn due to SCOPE.”

Trail’s End Camp partners with SCOPE as part of our TEC Cares program. TEC Cares works to give back to the broader community, while instilling the values and importance of giving back in our campers.  We’re better for having been at Trail’s End Camp, and we want to help more kids be better for having been offered opportunities through SCOPE camperships.

How you can help!

Want to help children experience the magic of camp? SCOPE is launching their Smore4SCOPE campaign this Giving Tuesday! On Tuesday, November 27 you have the chance to help give even more children the summer camp experience.

Better For Having Been