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TEC – Florida Style

Florida Reunion Photo

Florida Style – The Trail’s End Camp crew left New York and headed south last weekend to spend some time with our Florida Camp Families!  The sun was out and there were lots of hugs and laughter.  What a fantastic time we had at CineBowl in Delray Beach, Florida.

We spent the afternoon catching up with returning campers, meeting new campers and their families, while bowling. Some familiar staff members stopped by to say hello – Girls Head Counselor, Stephanie Fineman, Robyn Moskowitz, our summer bookkeeper, Shari Mullen, our new tennis director, Beth Herman, TEC’s previous waterfront director (who now works at Chestnut Lake) and Sarah Harl, one of our programming team members. Even Richie and Arlene Pearl made an appearance. We celebrated Fletcher Fineman and Sam Mullen’s birthdays with the traditional Trail’s End Camp birthday song and cupcakes.

It was fun to have everyone together enjoying each other’s company. As always, our reunions, and the photos you send us of your reunions, make us excited for the upcoming summer. Check out the photos below from the Florida reunion and other reunions that happened over the February break. Only 118 more days till opening campfire, but who’s counting!

Jaidyn Shapiro Discovers Trail’s End Camp

Jaidyn Discovery Camp

For one weekend every summer, a group of wide-eyed, excited, future Trail’s Enders drive through the gates of TEC to embark on an amazing weekend adventure. Discovery Camp provides current 1st – 4th graders with the unique opportunity to “play” camp and see what the TEC Experience is all about. We checked in with Jaidyn Shapiro to see how her Discovery Camp experience in 2012 helped her transition into a full time camper in 2013.

Hi! My name is Jaidyn Shapiro and I am almost 9 years old. Last summer was my first summer at Trail’s End Camp.  I was a Lower Buddie and it was THE BEST SUMMJaidyn and BrotherER OF MY LIFE.  I live in Plainview, Long Island with my eleven-year old brother Stefen (who by the way LOVES Trail’s End too).   My elementary school is named Stratford Road and I love being in 3rd grade.  My favorite activities are playing tennis, basketball, hip-hop, being silly with friends and snuggling up with a good book!  I especially like going on vacation with my family.

Describe your Discovery Camp Experience:  At Discovery Camp, I played lots of fun games and sports. I also had s’mores and tried Outdoor Adventure. I didn’t want to go home…I was very jealous that my brother got to stay the full summer.  I was crying on the bus ride home because I wanted to stay at camp.  When I was in 2nd grade, I published a book at school about Discovery Camp (see gallery below to read Jaidyn’s book).  It was the best experience of my life and I will treasure those memories forever.
Lake Photo

What was your favorite thing about Discovery Camp:  My favorite thing about Discovery Camp was the sibling cookout and swimming in the lake. Also, the 3 counselors were VERY nice and hugged me a lot.  I LOVED that!

How did Discovery Camp help you transition to camp last summer:  Discovery Camp helped me because I made new friends and it also helped me learn the Trail’s End routine…I knew exactly what to expect the following summer – FUN, FUN, FUN. I also was able to build friendships with staff members. During my first year at camp, it was so nice to see all the familiar faces when I stepped off the bus.

Favorite band/musician: One Direction

Discovery Camp HighlightFavorite song(s):  (sorry…couldn’t pick one)
“She Wolf (Falling to Pieces)” – Sia/David Guetta
“Dark Horse” – Katy Perry
“Story of My Life” – One Direction
“The Monster” – Rihanna /Eminem
“Brave” – Sara Bareilles
“Stay the Night” – Zedd
“What Does the Fox Say?” – Ylvis

Favorite camp activity: Swimming in the lake

Favorite book: Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo (it’s so touching and I think about the book all the time)

How did you know Trail’s End Camp was the right camp for you:  I knew Trail’s End was the right camp for me because I immediately felt comfortable and loved by the Trail’s End staff. The first year, when my brother was at Trail’s End and I was home, I watched his camp videos over and over and over and over and over and over – (get the hint ?) waiting for my time to be a camper. Anytime Trail’s End is mentioned, I light up like a light bulb. I just love my summer home!

photo 1Your favorite camp memories:  Olympic Breakout/New Year’s Eve, blueberry picking (after we got ice cream, yum!), movies under the stars, SING, flashlight time, midnight snack, winning College Day and CANTEEN!

Favorite foods:
Tacos, Hot Dogs and Nutella (not combined or in any specific order)

Favorite camp evening activity: Group Night with boating and s’mores

Describe Trail’s End in four words: 


Better For Having Been