Trail’s End Camp Reunions: Celebrating camp friendships all year long

While camp lasts only 51 days, the bonds we make at Trail’s End extend well beyond the day the buses depart. Throughout the off-season, we love seeing and hearing about all your TEC get-togethers.  

As 2018 comes to an end, we feel very grateful for all of the wonderful Trail’s End memories and friendships that we made this year. This past weekend, campers came together to reunite with old friends and to start to form bonds with those new campers that will be experiencing TEC for the first time next summer.Boys hanging out at a Trail's End Camp Reunion

On Saturday, our 2019 Debs, Kadets and Lowers reunited at Bounce Trampoline Sports. From the moment they arrived, it was as if we were back in 18405 with lots of smiles and laughter all around us.   

The youngest TEC campers met up on Sunday for bowling, pizza, and group games – the boys started off the day and the girls followed in the afternoon. The bowling party is one of our transition events which allow new campers to get comfortable and start to develop friendships that will help them to succeed next summer.  For our returning campers, we are amazed how welcoming they are as they help the first-time campers become a part of the TEC family. We also want to thank our staff who play such a large role in facilitating the ice breakers and helping to make the connections of new and returning campers.Girls hanging out at Trail's End Camp Reunion

Of course, there’s no better way to end a Trail’s End reunion than with a few raffles! Some lucky campers went home with brand new TEC swag, while others won great prizes for their bunk.  Winning bunks will be enjoying pizza and ice cream parties, counselor clean-ups, and late wake-ups with breakfast in bed.

Please mark your calendar for the next get-together in Florida on Sunday, February 17th. We will also have the Varsity Reunion for our oldest campers in NYC on Saturday, February 3rd. Invites for both events will be sent by email next week.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year.

Only 27 Saturdays until Opening Campfire!

TEC and SCOPE: Giving Children the Gift of Camp

What does it mean when we say “Better for Having Been”? There are so many ways spending summers at Trail’s End makes us the best version of ourselves. Anyone who walks into the gates is forever changed for the better.

At camp, children gain emotional, social and physical skills while learning from positive role models. Now, imagine a world where every child can go to camp, regardless of background.  This is exactly what SCOPE is trying to make happen.

SCOPE – Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education

SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) is a nonprofit organization that provides “camperships” for children from low income families and underserved communities.  These camperships let children who need it most experience the magic of summer camp. This past summer, 750 campers between the ages of 7-16 were able to attend camp through SCOPE.

Trail’s End Camp and SCOPE

Trail's End Camp members of the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council

Trail’s End Camp members of the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council

Trail’s End Camp has partnered with SCOPE for years. Marc was previously the president of the SCOPE board, and Sara is currently a member of the SCOPE Associate Board.  We’re proud to say we even have Trail’s End campers on the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council!

We caught up with Taylor Seid, Leadership Trainee ‘18 and member of the SCOPE Junior Leadership Council, to see what inspired her to help kids experience the magic of summer camp.

“Camp and the experiences and friends I have made there have shaped me into the person I am today and allowed me to learn and grow so much. I feel like many people in my community take for granted the experiences we get by going to camp, so I wanted to help out with SCOPE in order to give those opportunities and unforgettable experiences to kids who are less fortunate. Kids who might have not even thought about attending camp are now able to go and learn due to SCOPE.”

Trail’s End Camp partners with SCOPE as part of our TEC Cares program. TEC Cares works to give back to the broader community, while instilling the values and importance of giving back in our campers.  We’re better for having been at Trail’s End Camp, and we want to help more kids be better for having been offered opportunities through SCOPE camperships.

How you can help!

Want to help children experience the magic of camp? SCOPE is launching their Smore4SCOPE campaign this Giving Tuesday! On Tuesday, November 27 you have the chance to help give even more children the summer camp experience.

Better For Having Been: Catching Up with Sari Wexler!

Once you walk through the gates of Trail’s End Camp, you become part of the TEC family.  Whether you’re getting ready for your first summer at camp or it’s been awhile since your camper days, it’s great to know you can always say “I Am Trail’s End.”

This past Saturday, Trail’s End alumni gathered in New York City for a reunion. Not only did they get a chance to reminisce about their time as campers and their favorite TEC memories, they also raised over $500 for SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education).

At the reunion we caught up with TEC alum, reunion organizer and new Varsity Head Counselor, Sari Wexler!

What do you miss most about your time as a camper?

Looking back at my time as a camper, the one thing I miss most is constantly being surrounded by some of my favorite people. Waking up at reveille together, cleaning the bunk together, activities together, free play together and so much more. Some of my favorite memories were just during the down time hanging out with my friends!

What message do you have for current campers?

My message to current campers is to live in each moment, be present and don’t be afraid to try new things! Put yourself out there in every way, to make new friends, bond with your old friends and to create new memories at the best place ever, TEC!

How has your time at TEC impacted who you are today?

Trail’s End has impacted my life in a tremendous way.  I was fortunate to return to camp as a counselor, group leader and now I will be taking on a new role as a head counselor. Each of my prior roles has shaped me into the person I am today. I learned to be more confident in myself, how to be a team player and most importantly, work to make the camper’s camp experience the best one yet.

Can’t wait to relive your summers at TEC? Be sure to join us for Alumni Day 2018, on August 4th at Trail’s End Camp!

Playing with Attitude Over Aptitude at TEC!

Think back to your favorite summer camp memories. Now, how many of those memories take place on the fields and courts of TEC? Playing an intense game of European Handball during Olympics, competing in an out-of-camp tournament, or even laughing with your friends during a wacky relay; there’s just no denying it, sharing these moments with camp friends is a huge part of the Trail’s End Camp experience!Trail’s End is an all-around camp with a strong sports program. For us, sports take on a number of different forms, from team sports, including basketball, soccer, hockey and baseball, to individual sports, like gymnastics, golf, tennis, outdoor adventure, water skiing and more. We want our campers active, and through our combined structured and elective-based program everyone gets the chance to take part in a wide variety of athletic activities.

To celebrate this, and in honor of May being National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, we’ve decided to have a chat with some of our returning athletic directors: Mo, Baseball Director; Dani, Gymnastics Director; Becci, Movement Director; and Carson, former Hockey Director!

Attitude Over Aptitude

We can’t talk about sports at TEC without bringing up our motto: “attitude over aptitude.” We asked our returning directors what this means to them. Simply put, Dani describes attitude over aptitude as “enjoying a sport even if you’re not a sporty person.” You might not consider yourself the most athletic person outside of camp, but at TEC you’re encouraged to “try something new and be proud of yourself for taking the next step at your own pace.” Trail’s End offers an incredibly supportive environment as you try something you never had the courage to do before.

Even avid athletes can find something in this motto! Carson sees it as “putting your best out there, no matter the circumstances.” Becci adds, “this vision is transferable into everyday life, not just in sports. Striving to achieve a present, positive and willing attitude to reach success for both yourself and others around you!”

Mo believes “having the right attitude will help you and those around you to be better, work harder, and have a goal in mind.” Our sports program allows even the most skilled player to be challenged and encourages them, during both electives and our specialty camps, to bring their game to the next level.

The Best Part of Coaching at TEC

It’s obvious campers have tons of fun while playing at camp, but who knew our athletic staff were having just as much fun coaching them?! We asked Becci, Carson, Dani and Mo about the best part of coaching their sports at TEC.

“My favorite part of being Movement Director at TEC is observing the campers letting go and being themselves. Viewing the campers relax into meditation in yoga, to being creative and working as a team in dance, to calling imaginative cheers in the pavilion or “Zumba-ing” their hearts away in aerobics. They manage to put aside all outside issues and focus on having a good time!” – Becci

“My favorite part of coaching hockey was the people and relationships you could build through the sport.” – Carson

“For me, it’s getting to see all the campers, from Lower Rangers to Girls Varsity, coming to gymnastics, having fun and trying something new each period!” – Dani

“It’s getting to know each group and each kid individually. Every group and every kid is different, with different abilities. Baseball is supposed to be fun, and I try to bring that to camp. When I coach in other places it is more serious with a winning goal in mind. At camp, I want the kids to improve and have fun at the same time. Seeing kids that couldn’t hit the ball actually hitting in a game and seeing their faces is priceless. That’s what I love about camp.” – Mo

A Summer Full of Sports Moments

Remember those memories from previous summers we discussed? Well, our returning directors have their own favorite sports memories they’d love to share!

“My favorite moment as Movement Director is when the Buddies performed at a dance competition last summer. They were given a very fun but difficult dance, with limited time to rehearse. The girls used every spare minute they had to practice their movement together, and when they performed they blew me away. They came to the stage with energy, smiles and complete unity. Although they didn’t win, for me they won the whole competition!” – Becci

“My favorite memory from coaching was in a Lower Cavaliers game when we traveled to another camp. They shined and played great together, cheered one another on and pushed each other to do their best. Every boy scored in that game. One boy actually refused to get off the court, begging ‘I just want to be able to get him (the last boy to score) a goal.’ They cheered for every one of our goals, and even for the other team’s goals. Days like that made me proud to be at TEC.” – Carson

“My favorite moment was taking campers that have never performed in front of anyone before to a meet and seeing how excited they were when they placed in the Top 5 as a team!” – Dani

“I remember once after practice a camper came up to me and said ‘I never used to like baseball, but now I do. Thank you, Coach Mo.’ That really made my summer! Another moment was when a camper struck out and we lost the game. The camper was crying and the rest of the team came and gave him a hug, telling him that it was ok and lifting his spirits. That was awesome to be a part of.” – Mo


In this coming summer, there are many more memories to be made as we run around camp, trying new things, keeping it moving, and having fun with our camp friends. Who knows how many new favorite sports moments we’ll be making this summer?

Less Than 100 Days Until Camp

Only 99 Days Until…

  • Hearing Steph at Opening Campfire
  • Dining Room Dance Parties
  • A La Mode Ice Cream
  • Line-Up on Campus
  • Aqua Park
  • Boating & S’mores
  • Gumballs and Candy Hugs
  • Nancy Tucker
  • Taps on Boys’ Campus
  • Olympics
  • Lou & Sue Flego
  • Halloween in July
  • Golf Cart Rides
  • Messy Wednesday
  • Sing
  • TEC Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Late Nights with Friends

What are you the most excited for?!

Check out our TEC family celebrating the countdown to camp in their favorite TEC Gear.